Finding Painters Via Reviews

Lots of companies focus on being the past house painters. However, how does one know whether they are any good. We talk to lots of clients who have been burned by too many service industry companies. These companies offer cheaper prices. In doing so, they lure the customer in to believe that they will get a better deal. However, what the customer usually gets is a big headache. Either they get a very bad job done or they get parts that will need to be replaced within a few years. Then, they are back where they started.

How do customers who are looking for a quality paint job find a really good company?

  1. Check Out Their Ratings- There are lots of websites that will allow you to see ratings of a painting company. One of the most important is Better Business Bureau. The reason they are important is that provides clients with the opportunity to provide a complaint against the company. If said company has a bad service performance, then a client can complain on the BBB so as to help other customers understand what happened. Beware if the company you are using doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau rating or even if it is below an A rating. You are at your own risk if you decide not to follow this step. Other companies would be HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack. What these companies do is that they give their clients opportunities to write reviews. Because these companies are reputable and offer the services underneath their umbrella, then it gives more authority to the reviews on their websites.
  2. Check out their reviews on Google- Google offers the opportunity for clients to write reviews about companies. Make sure you read through these reviews to see if the company is trustworthy or if people have had a bad experience working with them. For instance, we found that when people were looking for Boulder CO painters, there were lots of companies that came up on Google. However, those with reviews were a lot slimmer. This is why it is important to check the reviews to see.
  3. Check out local social media platforms. Facebook is a great avenue to find out more information about reputable painting companies. For instance, it is easy on Facebook to ask whether or not people have used such and such company. Would they recommend them? These local live reviews are really helpful in making your decision of whom to call.